Man Cave Book: From the Writer

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Man Cave Book: From the Writer

Post  Jeff W on Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:03 pm

Hey Everyone,

First thing's first: your caves are awesome. Everyone's. I've had a lot of fun going through all the Cave Galleries -- spectacular stuff all around.

As there's been some speculation about the Man Cave Book here in the forums, just wanted to properly introduce myself. Mike and I are working together on the book, and it's shaping up to be a lot of fun. We think you'll like.

Everyone I've spoken with, emailed with, or seen on the forums has been awesome. Thanks for your hospitality.

To clarify a few things...

I've emailed some of you and have spoken with some of you. To clarify... if I have NOT emailed you, that doesn't mean we won't be including your cave. In other words, if you haven't heard from me or Mike, it's not a bad sign. For some caves I've needed some more info, so I've contacted a few of those cave owners. Then, for some other caves, we'll just be using some of the awesome photos and no further info is needed. Obviously the publisher won't be able to include every cave, but we do want to include lots. And also, just in full disclosure, at the end of the day, the publisher calls the shots on what's included, so an email/interview doesn't quite guarantee anything. (Damn, that's a lot of fine print. [The lawyer has now just taken the gun from my head and let me breathe again.])

And if you want to share any of your thoughts on man caves?

Go for it. I'm listening. In the next week or so, I might pose specific questions for the group, and feel free to sound off here or email me at Always love hearing different perspectives.

One more thing... it might be that your cave has a KILLER STORY behind it, something that you just wouldn't get from the photos. Definitely hit me up with anything like that. In an email, please just make sure you link to your cave.

Hell, for that matter, anything you feel like telling me about man caves in general -- or your cave in particular -- fire away. Seriously, if you're on the fence about sharing it, go ahead and share it.

[phew.] Long post. Thanks again everyone for your hospitality, and thanks for sharing your caves. Good stuff.

And if you have any questions, again, fire away.

Cave on!

Jeff Wilser

p.s. You might be wondering... "Who the hell is this dude?" That's a fair question, and I ask myself the same thing every morning. If you're curious, more info here:

Jeff W

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