Opening Night at TRP

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Opening Night at TRP

Post  BozRacing on Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:26 pm

The 2010 race season has started! We here at BOZ Racing still have 2 cars right now. A good friend of our Matt is borrowing the Pro4 while his truck gets back together. What a great night he had in the car! Matt got 2nd in the heat race and 2nd in the main event! The main event finish was a photo finish fighting for the win! The L&R Heating and Cooling,, Butterfield Photography Pro4 had an awesome night! Right now the first race scheduled for the new car doesn't happen until May 8th. We do plan on having the Pro4 out there every chance we get with either our buddy Matt driving or David! Thank you to our great sponsors and it was awesome you Mike out there last night!


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