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Man Cave on Rails

Post  Jester779 on Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:36 pm

Hey Guys,

This is my first time to this site. What an awesome site, so many great ideas. I live about 2 hrs north of Toronto, Ontario in Muskoka. I am currently working on my man cave. It's an Ontario Northland Railway Extended Vision Caboose! built in 1979. It is set up in my back yard on 50ft of track. This week I have a welder and electrician in fixing the leaky roof and rewiring the entire caboose. Next will be getting ideas together and start to finish the interior. Hopefully in the spring it will receive a new fresh coat of paint to finish the project off.

What I'm look for is ideas to fill the space the caboose is broken down into 3 compartments. Ist compartment is the "A" end is 12ft long by 8ft 7" wide, this will be the main entrance. The middle compartment is the cupola which has an elevated viewing area and storage space underneath and 7ft 6" long by 8ft 7" and the last compartment is the "B" end and is also 12ft 7" long by 8ft 7" wide. which I was looking at making a poker room and such. Overall its about 298 sq ft. Which seems decent but when you start putting things in it fills up quick. And with the doors and steps in very tight its hard to get large items like couches in impossible.

Not sure if you can attach photos here, but if anyone wants to see the progress let me know! Thanks in advance and looking forward to the help and ideas!!



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