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Surprise ManCave

Post  cavelady on Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:19 pm

While my husband is away I plan to get a man cave set up for him. I plan to get back home about 2 weeks before we pick him up so I'm trying to figure out things I should get along the way so I can save up and have it (mostly) done before he gets back.

Our basement has one great room that's fairly long so this will double as a workout room since we have nowhere else to put his weight bench. With some rearranging I plan on putting in:

Electronic dual basketball game - the arcade style game
Shelves for his collectibles and beer steins/glasses
Basketball memorabilia he already owns
Prints/posters I know he likes/wants
Dartboard we have yet to set up

I'd put a tv in, but he's very particular so I'd rather he gets what he wants - - and our basement has a strange configuration so there aren't any power outlets in that room, just in the laundry room down the hall. So if I get a minifridge it'll go in the laundry room for now since at least it's just down the hall.

Also, would it be better to go with one recliner for now or pick up a sectional/reclining sectional if I can find one? We're overseas so options are a little limited. Thoughts?

I'm incredibly excited to put this together for him.


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