Satellite Splitter

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Satellite Splitter

Post  Aaron on Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:16 am

I have a satellite connection with Direct Tv. I am planning on adding a second tv into the cave. I have a HD receiver in the cave hooked up to the main tv, I also have a standard receiver(which will be upgraded to an hd receiver soon) in the living room upstairs. Can i split the reception from the tv upstairs to the second tv downstairs? If so is there a way to do it so i will not have to have the same channel on both tv's? I am trying this method because if I had to get a receiver for the second tv it would cost me an extra 5 dollars a month, which I would like to avoid if possible. If anyone has some thoughts please let me know.



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Re: Satellite Splitter

Post  Blake on Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:13 pm

A satellite tuner can only output one signal per tuner at a time. Dish has dual (and now maybe triple) tuner boxes which allows one box to control more than one TV. The advantage is fewer boxes = fewer expenses. For them anyway. Don't know if Direct has caught up.

Anyway I cheated the system at my cave by buying a high frequency splitter at Radio Shack ran it off one of my dual tuner units splitting a signal that is now shared by two TV's that would almost never be on at the same time. Works well, something you might want to try. They call it mirroring a set.

If that's not a good deal for you, I've negotiated with Dish for extras at contract time. Try it with Direct, works good if you're up for renewal.


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